22 option limit on choice block

the choice block is limited to 22 options for intents

so I tried to set up a 2nd choice block, and directed the else option from choice block 1 to choice block 2 to have more intent options

but it is crashing the Alexa app

the choice block 1 intents work fine and Alexa responds to those, but crashes when I try intents in choice block 2

any workaround to this?

Choice block is for gettting user’s utterances and match with your intents. If you put 2 Choice Blocks consecuitively, it’s like Alexa is waiting for user’s utterances 2 times without saying nothing for second time.

I’m not sure about your project, but IMO, 22 options for intents is enough for usual skills. Are you using slots? If you are in Voiceflow community on Facebook, this might be help.


Ok I had the wrong impression of how choice block works. that make sense now

Yes, using slots

need around 50 intents for simple FAQ skill

I’m thinking setting up free floating intent blocks to make it work