Account Linking and Spotify


I’m trying to make an app that links with a Spotify user account following the official Voiceflow Youtube tutorial (“Fix it Hour with Nico | How to Build Spotify’s Alexa Skill with Unsplash & Voiceflow” – I would link it, but since I’m a new user, Voiceflow will only allow me to put two links in this post). Unfortunately, the app is unable to connect to the user account. I did some debugging and isolated the problem to the fact that I’m not getting an access token out of the Spotify API. But based on other tutorials I’m looking at, it’s not clear to me why. :frowning:

From what I understand to be Voiceflow’s official Amazon account linking tutorial, getting an access token should be as simply as mapping the Account Linking user information to a variable, which I am calling access_token, but this doesn’t seem to be doing anything useful.

I’m also looking at Spotify’s API tutorial in the hopes of gaining some headway, but it’s unclear to me which parts of the Voiceflow backend correspond to which parts of getting an access token from Spotify. The redirect URI parts look to correspond to the authorization step, while the scope parts look to correspond to the access token request, so I can’t tell if Voiceflow is doing all of these steps at once or if there’s something in between I’m missing.

Anyone have any ideas or suggestions?

Here are screenshots of the project. Sorry it’s all one image; Voiceflow doesn’t allow me to embed more than one piece of media because I’m a new user.