Account Linking + Login with Amazon

Account Linking

How to set up Account Linking in Voiceflow + ADC

This tutorial will teach you how to use Account Linking in Voiceflow via the Amazon Developer Console.

First, login to the Amazon developer console

Then click on " Login with Amazon Console "

Create a New Security Profile

Fill all the informations on the next screen and hit Save

Back to the main screen, click on Show Client ID and Client Secret
and copy your Client ID and Client Secret to a text editor so they’re easily available. You’ll need these values later in the process.

In your Voiceflow project, go to the Platform section and drag and drop the Account Linking block on the canvas

vocieflow 2020-08-04 at 13.35.48@2x

In this block’s settings, fill all the information like this:

URL Authorization:
Access Token URL:
Client ID: Your client id copied before
Client Secret: Your client secret copied before
Access Token Expiration : Leave it like this
Client Authentication Scheme: leave it to HTTP Basic

Now go to the Scope tab and add profile in Scopes

Go back to your Canvas and drag and drop the User Info block from the Platform section of the left toolbar.

vocieflow 2020-08-04 at 13.38.53@2x

At the same time, add two speak blocks to your project.
You should end up with something like this

Select the User Info block and select Account Linking in the User Info Type list.

Choose Account Linking from the drop-down list and select access_token for Map Info to Variable

In the speak block right below the Account Linking block, type a text like this one to inform the user of the procedure to follow to authenticate with your skill.

You will have to allow this skill in your Alexa mobile application or from Once this is done, please restart this skill again by saying: Alexa, open invocationname

Finally, on the last speak block, at the right of the User Info block, write a simple text to be able to debug the token we will receive after authentication.

Connect all the blocks as below and upload your skill to Alexa.

Click on the Amazon Console link to open your project on the Alexa Developer Console.

In the ADC (Alexa Developer Console) , click on the Build tab, select TOOLS on the left sidebar and click on Account Linking

On the ADC Account Linking page , copy the three Redirect URLs to a text editor so they’re easily available.

Back on the Login With Amazon page, click on the small gear in front of the profile you created earlier.

And choose Web Settings

Click the Edit button

Paste the three urls you just copied from ADC and hit Save

Go back to ADC, click on the Test tab and test you skill

Visit or open the Alexa mobile application to authorize the skill

Finally, go back to ADC and re-test your skill to make sure everything works. You should get your token.

To complete the test, go back to your project in Voiceflow, add two new variables: name and email in the model view (use the M key shortcut)

Then and add an API Integration block. right after the User block (you don’t need the Debug speak block anymore).

Set a GET Request in the API settings with this url:{access_token}

And for the Mapping output, just map your variable like this: -> name -> email

All that remains is to add a speak block

Upload and test your skill again in ADC, you should get a result like this one.