Account Linking vs Amazon Pay

I have been working on a skill that allows users to purchase carbon offsets for a variety of carbon footprint generating activities. I designed the skill around Alexa’s, Amazon Pay for Alexa skills. It works perfectly and facilitates the pay transaction as expected. I submitted for certification 12/8. Today, 12/21, I received an email from the cert team stating I need to use “Account Linking” instead of Amazon Pay. My skill uses API’s to an established carbon offset clearing house, to calculate and optionally, purchase the offset.
Question: has anyone else been told to use Account Linking method over Amazon Pay? If so, would you mind commenting on your experience? Anyone have success appealing a similar experience to get a favorable ruling and overturn the account linking requirement? Thanks in advance for your comments! Merry Christmas!

I’m not sure about Amazon Pay in the real (I’ve just tried test account only because corporate capacity is required for Amazon Pay in JP and Amazon Pay is not opened for personal sellers in my country…) but checked documents and found a use-case which account linking “is required” with Amazon Pay. This is the only thing I could find in the official documents and I am not sure if this helps your use-case.

  1. Developers must not use an Amazon Pay buyer ID to personalize a customer’s experience if the Amazon Pay buyer ID is associated with more than one local account in the merchant’s database. Instead, as mitigation, developers might do one of the following:
  • If the skill must recognize a customer’s local account for a customer to progress within the skill, the skill can trigger a request that the customer use Alexa account linking. Doing so prompts customers to decide which local account to use if they have more than one.
  • If the skill doesn’t need to recognize a customer’s local account in order for the customer to progress within the skill, the skill can either respond as if the customer is transacting with the merchant for the first time.

also, you can ask Amazon for more details about certification via Alexa Developer Console.


Thank you, Kuniaki, for your reply. Per the Amazon Pay certification requirements, I am not keeping a database of customers who have used Green Horizons, so, each time the same customer returns to Green Horizons, it is as if they are a new customer. I will use the form to contact the certification team that tested Green Horizons, to discuss their comments and answer questions they have to help me get a version back to certification that will meet my and their requirements. Thanks again for the information! Have a great day! Don

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