Additional Colors in Canvas

Two color requests:

  1. Only 5 color choices in Canvas is a bit weak. A color picker would be awesome or at least all the HTML-named colors. You have this for connectors already.

  2. Allow me to assign a default color for a given step block so that every time I add a code block it’s blue for example or whatever color I want it. This one is probably not that impactful because if steps are blocked only the outside one is the color… unless you would outline or shade steps contained in the block.

I know it’s been a while, but I think it would be an additional benefit if users had the same color picker for blocks and text fields as the one they already have for the arrows. I find the ladder the most intuitive because it gives you 1. enough choice in 2 clicks (9 colors) thus keeps the UI clean and 2. the custom color picker is only 1 or 2 additional clicks away.

The 5 colors for blocks are not enough for my use, especially when I would like to document something for colleagues and use the colors as a “figure legend”.

In general, I believe Voiceflow will benefit from users getting a consistent experience with colors.

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Great suggestion guys! Good news, this is actually in development now :slight_smile: Stay tuned.

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