Alexa - choice block for else and path/reprompts not working properly on device

I created a choice block with Yes and No intents. It also had a reprompt (I have changed to path) in case the user says something that is not part of the Yes or No intents.

What happens is that this seems to be working properly on the simulator but when I test it on my Alexa device if I say something else the error block does not speak anything, the reprompt does not work and sometimes it skips to the second question even though the logic says it shouldn’t. Please assist.


I noticed if I say a single word the skills continues (regardless of the word) but if I say a phrase than it correctly blocks. So basically if I say a single word, the else statement is not picking it up. This seems to be happening only on the Alexa device on the simulator seems to be fine. Why would this be happening?

you seems you created your own Yes and No intent. Alexa has built-in intents for Yes/No.

Built-in intents are pre-defined intents by Amazon and recognition is higher than custom intent.

Thank you, should I delete the one I created and use the Amazon one?

Is that why I’m seeing these utterance conflicts detected?

click “x” on your intent and select pre-defined one.

BTW, actually this does not delete your intent completely from voiceflow, just delete it in “THIS” choice block. you can check intent you created from here.


Is that why I’m seeing these utterance conflicts detected?

I think so. basically, utterance conflicts means there are same utterances in more than two intents and alexa does not distinguish which intent users invoke.

It worked, thank you!