Alexa Pause Intent

I’m using the built-in Alexa Pause Intent (seems it pauses until you come back and tell it to restart again… like even days!)

I’m wanting to refresh the session on a set period of time e.g. after 1 hour the session ends if paused

Does anyone know how to do this?

Basically, AMAZON.PauseIntent is for AudioPlayer to pause a music playing. AudioPlayer on Echo seems to remember the last song’s state. But from skill side, session has already ended and the only thing skill can is to resume, I think.

User: Alexa, pause. (again, no invocation name.)
(Alexa opens a new skill session and sends the skill AMAZON.PauseIntent. My Podcast Player sends a Stop directive and closes the skill session. The audio is stopped.)

Although at this point the audio is not playing and there is no current session, the Alexa service is still tracking My Podcast Player as the skill that most recently streamed audio. Assuming the device remains on and the user does not use any other audio streaming skills or services, the following could take place at any time later:

User: Alexa, resume. (note no invocation name used.)
(Alexa opens a new skill session and sends My Podcast Player the AMAZON.ResumeIntent.)

Yes I’m using the Pause intent as a way for user to do offline stuff and come back, then user say “Alexa, resume” “alexa, continue” etc. and it picks up where it left off in the flow (it works as intended)

I was wanting a way to force the session to end e.g. after 1-hour from pausing if user never returns to say “continue”