Alphanumeric code

I was wondering if there is a way to do the spelling of a code to Alexa. For example, if I have a customer code like AX34OI2, how can I ask the customer for the information?

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see here

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Thank you @kun432! I read that there is no clear solution for that, right? Just to create an istance and hope that Alexa will recognise it? It’s a 6 digits code with letters and numbers

I wrote some in that post.

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can you please help me to understand ur question,
am giving the solution here in 2 ways.’

  1. If Alexa wants to spell the code to customer then u can use the below CUSTOM CODE Block to do that, please delcare the vartiables and use it in the block
    var mnum = testCode;
    mnum= mnum.toString();
    mnum = mnum.replace(/\s/g,’’)
    Mobile_num=mnum.split(’’).join(’ ');
    You will get the output in** Mobile_num** variable
    Input / you will get the input from another program as AX34OI2
    and ALEXA will read the value present in the variable ** Mobile_num** as
    A X 3 4 O I 2., A X THREE FOUR O I TWO
    This is the out put u want i guess.
  2. If customer want to tell the input as AX34OI2, as the customer to tell the code as
    A X THREE FOUR O I TWO meaning ask them to give spaces. The below code will remove the spaces and use the last variable in ur flow.
    var str = "A X THREE FOUR O I TWO"
    str = str.replace(/ /g,’’);

Please let me know if this is helpful or nor

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I think this is about how to “capture” an alphanumeric word.

To “speak” an alphanumeric word, you can also use ssml <say-as interpret-as="characters">

BTW, for all who want to know how to capture alphanumeric words, this demo by Nico might be help.

Depending on each use-case, it might not work and need some fix, but its concept of using the combination of slot types is practical under current Alexa’s limitations.