Amazon Affiliate Marketing

Would like to market items in my skills.
Possible to utilize?
How do you link if possible?

One week ago I’ve asked the Alexa Evangelist Andrea Muttoni about that in person, but unfortunately it’s not a feature yet. And he did not know of any implementation plans. Sorry.

Hi. Not sure if this is a Voiceflow question, versus whether this is allowed by Amazon for Alexa skills in general.

I asked Franklin Lobb, of Amazon, about this option perhaps 1.5 years ago, and said it was not possible at that time (it was an ASK/CLI class).

However maybe things have changed. Amazon loves Affiilate Marketing. They’ve become experts with it for the last 20 years for their other sales channels. We would think they would make it easy to put into Alexa skills, right?

You might ask in the Amazon Developer forums if this is allowed for Alexa skills, and if so, how others have accomplished it.

Let us know what you find out. If it is allowed, maybe a solution can be developed for Voiceflow too.