Amazon does not wait for user intent

Hi all!
I have a problem with the Amazon Development Console.
I have created a skill to query a questionnaire. This also worked in the Amazon Developer console until two weeks ago. But now, unfortunately, it no longer works.
The skill does not wait for the user to answer but reads question after question. In the picture you can see how I “programmed” the whole thing. However, only the questions are read out one after the other …
What can I do? Thanks in advance!

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I got this error today too - until I checked back and it resolved itself. I wonder if it’s because of the “cache delay on ADC” that was mentioned by @Nicolas on a facebook post - or was it something else?

I have the same issue. Drops through a “choice” block to the step following, or, to the “no match” path. It fails in ADC, on my Alexa device and in VF test.