Amazon Error Response

I am getting this error message when uploading to Amazon. It does show up in Amazon account but it fails to test due to missing interaction model.

What does this mean? Is there a fix for this?

Screen Shot 2020-02-20 at 12.17.49 PM

Ok after testing some things, it seems Amason does not like the “searchquery” as a capture block. So I tried using “custom” and it accepted the skill ok with no error message.

But when testing it, the capture block using custom spits out AMAZON.FallbackIntent and not user input

Has anyone else tried capturing what the user says into a capture block with success?

Amazon does not like “capture what user says freely” because of privacy reasons, I think.

  • custom slot requires example values. without example values, it will not work. custom slot is like for you to get some slot values but there’s no appropriate built-in slot types.
  • searchQuery type seems suitable to this, but searchQuery requires carrier phrases after/before searchQuery slot. ex) “I like {searchQuerySlot}” or “{searchQuerySlot}, please”.

Yes you’re right as I have found no solution to a catch-all feature searching online, there have been attempts with examples but none have worked for me. The only success I had with this is using the “custom” slot like you said using examples but the issue is the examples almost have to be exact to what user would say.

Are you familiar with Dashbot and the integration with VF? Im wondering if there is a way to view the conversation via Dashbot as “live transcripts” is one of their features.

capturing what user says completely by developer is a kind of controversial topics. Basically searchQuery is for keyword search from web, not for captureing freely. Depends on how you use it, Amazon will not pass its certification

instead, Amazon gives you Intent History to get user’s utterances and matched intent history. but for use this feature, your skill has to be certified and has more than 10 active users at least.

Currently, Voiceflow does not support Dashbot and you can implement Dashbot using ask-sdk only, I mean you have to create your skill with code only.

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I miss the INTERACTION block…

So, is it true, there is no way to capture search phrase?