API Block can't recognize my Google Sheet file

New to this. I want to retrieve random responses from a Google sheet file. Trying to set up the API block with my Google sheet file. Watched the tutorial about cutting and pasting the spreadsheet id into the JSON template. I keep getting the error: “src property must be a valid json object”. Not sure what I’m doing wrong!

that should be an old tutorial. You can use Google Sheets Block to retrieve data.

new one is here:

see this tutorial first and how to retrieve data from Google Sheets.

To retrieve a record randomly, set blank for values to match on “with setting” in Google Sheets Block like this.

That worked. Thank you! Is there a way to have it retrieve data from a randomized row BUT stay within a specific range, for example any words between row 3 and 31?

Google Sheets Block can do only simple things.

  • retrieve a single row with a single condition
  • retrieve a single row randomely

In your case like retreiving data with specific range, it can’t. you need to use API block to retrieve data from google sheets and some codes with Custom Code Block.