API calls only once, but wont seem to call the service twice

I have a call to a Restful service on my server, everything works great on the first call. The call is made to call the same service, just changing the path parameters. But each time it loops back to call the service, it does not and is using the data from the previous call for its response. Things I have tried to make sure it wasn’t me. API URL built into a variable in the code block. So I know the URL is changing as expected. I have logs of the queries hitting the service, and it only shows the initial call. Also, there is only one path after the API call, so it is getting through the block without a failure.

Is there a trick to resending the same API call block again in the same flow? Think Question, Answer, Next Question, Next Answer. With the path variables in the URL changing what my service sees.

This one is rather important from timing and selling my higher-ups on this, I would really appreciate a message back. Thank you! PS, I am a paying customer. Gladly move up to 99 a month if I can talk to someone =)… Thanks all!

Just FYI, I believe I figured out the issue. It looks like the cookies cannot be passed, so my session variables on my server side, see it as a new session each time. Trying to work around it now, but if anyone has any insight on Alexa being able to take the session cookie, it would be appreciated.

Just to add to this, I ended up passing the session variables back and forth in a parameter to and from the api calls. That worked just fine. I use Postman to test, and it does emulate cookies, so it was working with postman, but not Alexa. Maybe it will help a future person from hitting their head on the wall. =)

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