API POST request only works when clicking "test integration"


I’m trying to send a post request to mixpanel using the api block. It works great when I click “test integration” but fails to send data when trying out in the voiceflow testing tool or chat protoype.

In debug mode, it says “triggered successfully” but doesn’t actually send the data.

Again, it works fine if I click the “test integration button,” just not when running through actual training. I have a pro plan. I’ve used get requests successfully before, along with google sheets integrations.


(ps, my id is in the data object is formatted correctly, I’m just not showing the full id)

Are you able to reach out on Intercom, we can explore more in-depth there! Please send over your project file.

@tahsim thanks for the response! I actually just sorted it out. It turns out mixpanel seems to need (or at least in this case needs) a unique id every time for the distinct id field (makes sense).

It was only taking the first input, in this case when I hit “test integration,” saving it to that “distinct” id, and then ignoring future inputs. That’s as far as I can tell. It’s sorted out now, as I now generate a unique ID each time for that field.