API request during stream block


I am currently creating a simple skill that will play a stream of 2 hours. So far everything works, it was really easy to implement. My question now:
Are there other options for the stream besides Next, Previous and Pause? I would like to ask Alexa “give me information about the song”. The information is provided via an API.
The request to the API works but I don’t know how to implement this in the stream block.

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Hey @Bernd, unfortunately the functions on Alexa during the Stream function are limited to NEXT, PREVIOUS and PAUSE. This is an Alexa limitation, not a Voiceflow one.

If this changes in future, we’ll let you know and have it supported within Voiceflow!

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Hey @Braden
thank you for your answer. Too bad that it does not work at the moment.
Is there maybe at least the possibility to change the call of for example Previous?

Example: I say “Alexa, example statement” and then Previous is executed.

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Hey @Bernd, unfortunately I don’t think that’s possible right now. The streaming function is really limiting on Alexa right now due to Alexa’s built limitations.

What you can do though is route what happens when the user says Previous or Next. However, those are the only commands a user can say outside PAUSE/PLAY. To route what happens with PREVIOUS/NEXT, you can do that within Voiceflow using those respective connection ports.

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It’s a pity that this great function is currently still limited by Amazon. I hope that this will change. Thanks for your answers.