APL Commands - issue / problem


Two questions around Multimodal Display / APL Commands

Question 1 - under the VF Display block, on the right side bottom, there are two windows: Datasource and APl Commands. The Datasource gets populated from the APL document, whereas the APL Commands is blank. Doesn’t get picked up automatically. I do remember the earlier versions of VF used to populate the APL commands from the APL document. Is this a bug?

Question 2 - Is there any way, I can pass a variable into an APL Command. Example: SetPage command, I would like to pass a variable instead of a hard coded value. I tried both in VF and in the APL document, but neither accepts variables.

    "type": "SetPage",
    "componentId": "pagerID",
        "value": 2

The above is hard coded.
I would like to pass a variable like this:

    "type": "SetPage",
    "componentId": "{someID}",
        "value": "{someValue}"

Thank you for bringing this up.
I have excactly the same problem. Have you found already a solution?
Also I have issues with hard coded version like using value: 2
It works when using the preview but when I upload to Alexa it shows only page 1.
Where is the best place to for the Display-block inside of a larger flow?