APL Variables Don't Work as Expected

Hello, friends. I’ve been trying to use variables in APL’s as described in this tutorial, but it’s not working. https://learn.voiceflow.com/en/articles/2632588-display-block-apl

Please see my flow below. The APL Display appears as expected after the Title variable is set. We then speak some text and after that, set the Title variable to something else, then go to a Choice block. I had expected the Title variable to update, as per the tutorial video, but it does not (on ADC and on an Echo Show).

I also tried again adding the Display Block after the variable had been changed, but the flow ignores the initial Title variable and immediately displays the changed Title. In other words, Display Blocks appear not to be displayed serially after other blocks (e.g., a Speech Block) completes its task.

Any thoughts on what I may be doing incorrectly (if anything)? Much appreciated!

I am new to this too… but found using the flow block you have better control and more options to control the logical outlay of your “book”… with “chapters”…

I am creating a skill for a small hotel… notice the word trying…