Are there any automatically generated codes when adding a display bloc?


I have added a display bloc with my APL template. But, now, I’m wondering if I also need to add custom code blocs in order to handle the RenderDocument directive, etc.

Thanks a lot in advance!

If you put the APL into the display block, it will display fine.

Render Directive code is not required. VF does that automatically.

As far as the code block is concerned - it is only for client side Javascript code. If you put Render Directive code into VF, it will throw an error.

@KnightFix Great!

But what about an UserEvent request handler response?

The User Event Request for Voice (Audio) is automatically handled in VF thru a blocks like Choice Block, Intent Block, Prompt Block, Capture Block etc.

The User Event Request for “touch” is currently not available.

So if you put a User Event like “SendEvent” in your APL, it will return “no content” in your ADC and on the Alexa Device it will show no response to the Touch.