Assigning API JSON response to a variable and using it

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I am using the API step and it successfully calls and I can receive an API response which is JSON data.

For example, JSON data look like this.

“coord”: {
“lon”: 10.99,
“lat”: 44.34
“weather”: [
“id”: 501,
“main”: “Rain”,
“description”: “moderate rain”,
“icon”: “10d”
“base”: “stations”,
“main”: {
“temp”: 298.48,
“feels_like”: 298.74,
“temp_min”: 297.56,
“temp_max”: 300.05,
“pressure”: 1015,
“humidity”: 64,
“sea_level”: 1015,
“grnd_level”: 933
“visibility”: 10000,
“wind”: {
“speed”: 0.62,
“deg”: 349,
“gust”: 1.18
“rain”: {
“1h”: 3.16
“clouds”: {
“all”: 100
“dt”: 1661870592,
“sys”: {
“type”: 2,
“id”: 2075663,
“country”: “IT”,
“sunrise”: 1661834187,
“sunset”: 1661882248
“timezone”: 7200,
“id”: 3163858,
“name”: “Zocca”,
“cod”: 200

I can save the entire JSON response to a variable called weather_response.
I need to access this JSON result later in the steps.
This part works ok.

Once I receive the weather information I need to show weather_response[‘weather’][‘description’] to the user.
So I can use the Text step to show this information
The text step only allows to access simple variable name like {foo}
However, what I want is “Here is your weather information {weather_response[‘weather’][‘description’]}”
This does not work.
How can I make it work?

I know that in the API step, I can assign the weather description to a simple variable.
However, I don’t want it because I need to create a lot of simple variables to save all the information in the JSON.
Please advise.