Audio controller buttons Previous and Next not working on Echo Show 8

Hey everyone, I implemented the audio stream block but on echo show 8, of the audio controller buttons, only the PAUSE button works? Of course you can just say “Alexa, Next” but I was hoping the the Next button at least worked.

Is that the expected behavior? Or a bug? Or is there something else I need to do?

FYI: in my voiceflow canvas, my audio stream loops and the Next node is linked to a Speak block after.

Does this provide some clue why my audio controller buttons are inert? Can I fix my problem?

"### Intents forwarded to the skill

These built-in intents may have a different implementation than the default. However, if you choose to give them a non-default implementation, do not include the back button in your templates, because AMAZON.PreviousIntent and the back button operate equivalently. By default, these intents operate in a linear backwards and forwards direction.

  • AMAZON.PreviousIntent
  • AMAZON.NextIntent

You can choose to implement these intents in your custom skill without providing any sample utterances.

As the skill developer, you must ensure these intents are handled in your skill’s service (AWS Lambda or web service) in order for the user to use them."

Update: I’m seeing this as a general issue across many skills, including and even Spotify.

We have experienced general problems with the stream block over the past few days. The Next function is no longer working. Wonder if this is related.

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Good to know this. Thanks.

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