Audio stream in speak block

Hi there does anyone know why if I add a URL audio feed to the speak block, although it works fine in the voice flow test, it causes an error in alexa; Error AudioPlayer is currently an unsupported namespace?

Any help much appreciated.

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your audio file is too long for speak block.

if audio file is longer than 240 secs, you should use stream block, but also you should know that there are differences for use-cases between those.

here is a document for stream block. this is a little obsolete (because there is no audio block now and it is combined into speak block), but you know how different audio in speak block and stream block.

IMO, here’s a simple summary for audio in speak block and stream block. (This might be not perfect explanation.)

  1. audio in speak block is for adding short music and sound effects between conversation. so, users remain in the skill during or after audio is played.
  2. stream block’s main purpose is for users to listen to the sounds or music, not conversation. once your skill plays music, your skill is gone and alexa’s built-in music player takes it.

which block is better is depends on your use-case.

Sorry, I forgot one important thing. Audio player, which means stream block, is not supported on Alexa Developer console’s test. Audio player should be tested on Echo device only now.

Hi there

Many thanks for your reply.

Maybe I could ask the question in a slightly different way?

What I have is a basic language revision skill which uses a google sheet with 2 columns (french phrase, the english translation). what I have been doing is using the speak block to ask the question “what is the meaning of the phrase” followed by the “french phrase” (using the readspeaker API via an mp3 URL).

The problem I have is I just cant get it to work without errors

could you suggest any other text to speech apis that alexa will accept, or any way round the above problem.

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you can use SSML lang/voice tag for foreign languages without using any TTS API.

thanks for all your help, but could you tell me where to use these? is it in the speak block or the code block, either seems to return an error?

The one I was using to test is this - ```
In Paris, they pronounce it Paris

could u possibly give me a quick example, then I could work it out from there? the language I want to use is french

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In a speak block, speech text is like this:

In Paris, they pronoune it <voice name="Celine"><lang xml:lang="fr-FR">Paris.</lang></voice>