Audio streams don't start themselves

In my canvas, I have it set up properly, and when I use Voiceflow’s built in simulator it works, but on my personal Alexa device, it says it is streaming the audio, but then there is no audio. My audio URLs work in Google Chrome when I push play, and they work in the Voiceflow simulator, but they don’t seem to start when used on an Alexa device.

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Same here for Alexa. I have a simple - speech block(hello): stream block(URL): speech block(goodbye). On the Alexa I ‘Open/Run/Play (project name)’ - this is followed by silence. So I have to repeat ‘Open/Run/Play (project name)’ to get the audio to start streaming. However, if I interrupt the stream while it is streaming with the words ‘Open/Run/Play (project name)’ it streams automatically - whereas, if I stop the stream while it is streaming and have to re-open the project I am once again greeted with silence. Would this happen when it is published or is it a quirk of the test environment on the Alexa?

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I too have the same issue setting up a simple skill that streams an online radio station’s audio feed. Speech block plays audio intro file,------> STREAM with good URL.

plays ok with TEST in canvas

I am confused about how to accomplish this with voiceflow.
Help flow provides the basic info and do you want to continue? YES----->?

NO------> plays goodby thanks for listening file and then exits ok —> Exit

My certifications fail and i have no idea why