Authentication problem (API DELETE Request)

Hello! I’m having issues running a delete request from the Airtable API. It was working fine initially, but it is now giving me issues. Here is the error:

 "error": {
  "message": "Authentication required"
  "access-control-allow-headers": "authorization,content-length,content-type,user-agent,x-airtable-application-id,x-airtable-user-agent,x-api-version,x-requested-with",
  "access-control-allow-methods": "DELETE,GET,OPTIONS,PATCH,POST,PUT",
  "access-control-allow-origin": "*",
  "connection": "close",
  "content-length": "80",
  "content-type": "application/json; charset=utf-8",
  "date": "Sun, 08 Jan 2023 17:16:22 GMT",
  "etag": "W/\"50-8xYAvLBWleFLl/buYhG+M42uVZo\"",
  "server": "Tengine",
  "set-cookie": "AWSALB=wA/hFeIElvQ0apppeOVRm9F3s18NjVN6TbqAhKcOlkrbunHtbhYLtFy7NgzMnj+HPbNOSRKowvq2jcqhsPaJz8mN4bPYZhBtgbLE6kXHRSJfRnAmfcqq1o9/jZBG; Expires=Sun, 15 Jan 2023 17:16:22 GMT; Path=/, AWSALBCORS=wA/hFeIElvQ0apppeOVRm9F3s18NjVN6TbqAhKcOlkrbunHtbhYLtFy7NgzMnj+HPbNOSRKowvq2jcqhsPaJz8mN4bPYZhBtgbLE6kXHRSJfRnAmfcqq1o9/jZBG; Expires=Sun, 15 Jan 2023 17:16:22 GMT; Path=/; SameSite=None; Secure, brw=brwtwFLja6bslEaZT; path=/; expires=Mon, 08 Jan 2024 17:16:22 GMT;; samesite=none; secure",
  "strict-transport-security": "max-age=31536000; includeSubDomains; preload",
  "vary": "Accept-Encoding",
  "x-content-type-options": "nosniff",
  "x-frame-options": "DENY"

Here’s a screenshot of the DELETE request. Note: All other API requests seem to be working fine, so I don’t think it’s my authorization key or the link.

I would appreciate any help with this. Thanks!!

Also: I know it says no variables found but it does exist!