AWS Integration / SSO

I am new to Voiceflow. I was wondering it is possible to use AWS key pair (using access key / secret access key) to SSO to Amazon/Lambda capabilities?


could you explain about your use-case in detail?

All I am asking for is when you are trying to publish your first Voiceflow project to Amazon/Alexa you are presented with the SSO screen which asked you for credentials. I am wondering if we can use Access Key Id and Secret Access Key instead of AWS management console userid/password.


Alexa is not AWS service, it’s Amazon’s service. so sign-on screen is for Amazon. I think it’s not possible to use AWS access key and secret key.

Thanks for the reply. That should make things easier.

Will need to see how AWS Lambda will work with Alexa next (

ok then.

One thing I should add, Amazon Alexa developer console as frontend to build conversational model and AWS Lambda as backend for logic, this is a typical Alexa development environment.

Voiceflow is like whole GUI interface for both Alexa Developer Console and AWS Lambda, in other words, if you use Voiceflow, you don’t need to use AWS.