Backspace (involuntarily) deletes Speak block!

Hello, the following has already happened to me a few times while in designing mode:

Imagine I’m modifying the text of several variants within a speak block. Without noticing/thinking about it, sometimes I click outside/next to the text fields (but not in the middle of the screen, where the right side bar would dissappear), so the cursor is not in the text field. Next, I tap “backspace” on my keyboard, thinking that my cursor was still IN one of the text fields, to further edit the text. Then, all of a sudden the right bar disappears and I notice that by pressing backspace, I have actually deleted my whole speak block! This is especially annoying when you had a lot of text in the speak block(s / variants) and haven’t saved any previous version (Ctrl-Shift-S)…

I was surprised to see (correct me if I’m wrong) that Voiceflow currently doesn’t have an “undo” feature either. But I can image you probably already have that on your list (as it’s quite a basic feature most users would expect).

My suggestions for this case would be: either 1. deactivate completely that backspace DELETES the currently selected speak block or 2. let there at least be a popup for the user to confirm that he/she really wants to delete the block (or 3.: make it an option in the settings to toggle the confirmation popup)

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undo is:

  • Ctrl+Z for windows
  • Command+Z for mac
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You’re right, I tried it a second time now but noticed a bug there:

First I thought it’s due to my older version of Chrome but then I tested in on the newest Firefox version as well:
two conditions must be met:

  1. have a speak block with several variants (I had 4)
  2. delete the block by pressing backspace

result: you need to press Ctrl-Z twice to undo the deletion (hence my question above where VF has an undo feature :smiley: )