Best way to handle Multiple Choice Questions and their answers

I have created an MCQ, based around countries, aimed at kids. It is working fairly well when I test it myself but my 8 year old is sometimes misunderstood and as it is aimed at kids his age, that’s a problem.

Method 1:
This is how I’ve been doing it all along but it’s far from perfect: I use a Choice Block and capture the key bit of the utterance as a Slot. However if the kid says “F is the answer” then it often doesn’t work. Also, kids sometimes say the country name and then it doesn’t work either.

Method 2:
I experimented this week by giving ‘a’ ‘b’ and ‘c’ as choices and then Setting a = answer_user or b=answer_user etc. That doesn’t work that well either.

Q. Is there a best practise or an existing MCQ skill in the Voiceflow Marketplace that I can copy/modify their method? It needs to be done very well as it is for kids. thanks

Note - I am pulling questions and answers from Google Sheets and that part is all working fine.

Ps. It would be even better if I can set things up so that if the for example the right answer is ‘C’ and c = France… then if the kid answers ‘c’ or ‘France’ they will have said the right answer. My son (and wife!) say the country instead of a, b or c each time they test the quiz and answer the first question.

Can anyone help please? I can provide more detail if needed. thanks

although I have not tried, how about this one?

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thanks but that Jeopardy quiz always seemed broken to me. Here’s an example - this should be a correct answer I think:

Just a note in follow-up: I did figure out various solutions and have just submitted to the Alexa store.

Congratulations on finding a solution!

If you’re up for it, I would love to hear how you went about solving it.

Once again, congratulations!

HI @AndyK
This did work eventually - I think there were things not related to the input of a,b,c that were messing it up:

Method 2:
I experimented this week by giving ‘a’ ‘b’ and ‘c’ as choices and then Setting a = answer_user or b=answer_user etc

Here are some screenshots. If you need to dig in a bit more send me a PM

Looks like a great design, Duncan! Thank you for sharing your insights!

Hi, congratulations for the project, could you share more details of your project? I am a teacher, novice with Alexa Skills, and I intend to use it in a Brazilian public school. Thanks.