Blank Pages in Alexa Store for my Skills

Hi everyone,

I’ve noticed that every time that I upload a Skill to Amazon, and then i want to view it in the Alexa Store, i can’t see the preview page of the skill, and the Alexa App give me back a blank page.

Now i were wondering if this is a normal thing for Skill still under “Development State”, but the same thing happen for Skill correctly pubblished in the Alexa Store with the “Live State”.

This problem happen only in the Amazon Alexa app, instead in the Web page, all is viewed correctly.

I’ve made a video to explicit better my problem:

Google Drive:

(Sorry for the bad english but i’m Italian)

Just following up. Has this been resolved? If not, recommend sending a message to the Voiceflow team via Intercom (i.e. the chat icon in the lower right corner of your project’s canvas page), to troubleshoot the issue.