Block if condition

Does anyone know why the block “if” it does not work with “yes” and “no” as conditions?
I set it as follows:
Block speak - block capture (whita viaiable) - block if condition.
In the block if condition I put:
1 {variable} = yes
2- {variable} = no

the block if condition cannot correctly compare the variable with the capture “yes” or “no” but if I replace the conditions with other function words

Yes and No are special because those are Alexa’s built-in intents. So, you don’t need to capture it with capture block, don’t need to put it into variables, or don’t need to compare it with If block.

Just use choice block and choose with “Yes” or “No”, which are pre-defined.


as I imagined,
The problem is that I would like to ask the user “do you want a normal pizza?”
the user can answer “YES” - “no” - “type of pizza”

  • if the answer is, I go to a hypostat block that sets the variable to red,
  • if the answer is no alexa will ask me how I want it and then I will use a capture block
    . if the user answers directly “maxi” then he will go to the next question because the word has already been captured

I hope I explained myself

just add an intent to capture “type of pizza” with choice block. If a user says no, you can use additional choice block and re-use same intent added in the first choice block.

As I said before, Yes/No are special and built-in intents. you should not use those as normal values same as others like “types of pizza”. you should use those as intents.