Break or timer - How to get?

Hi guys, I am new here and testing the voiceflow system for my first skill. I searching für an option for a break or something like a timer. For better understanding: In my skill I want Alexa “Should i put you a 3 minutes timer?” and after this 3 minutes I want a reaction from Alexa like “Ok - your timer is finished” How can I get this function?
At the “Say-Block” is the maximum 10s… and the “Riminder-Block” doesn´t seem to be the right for me.

Any Ideas? Thanks for your help

play an audio file which has no sounds and length is 3 minutes in speak block.

One thing you should know that there are some limitations for using audio in speak block, especially below:

  • No more than five audio files can be used in a single response.
  • The combined total time for all audio files in the outputSpeech property of the response cannot be more than 240 seconds .

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ok, I had the idea with a no sounds too but I thougt there is maybe a better option.

Single response mean in the hole Skill or in one Path?

a single response means alexa speak until user speaks.


speak block -> speak block -> speak block -> choice/capture block

these 3 speak block are combined into one single response from Alexa. you can contain some audio files in this single response but up to 5 files and 4 mins totally. If over these limitations, the skill will fail as an error.

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thanks a lot Kun432…

and if i want a Timer for 10 minutes this might be impossible because the limitations of totally 4 minutes?

you may be able to use stream block for longer than 4 mins. but user experiences are different. using audio with speak block, user session will continue. using stream block, users will leave the session and echo’s bult-in audio player will handle it. That means slightly similar to reminder block.

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Ok, I understand :+1: I will try both options and choose after this which way is the right for me.

But let me ask just for knowing, a really timer function is not include at voiceflow or amazon don´t offer this funktion?

Your tips will work, I´m convinced but it´s not the direct way…
Thanks a lot for your help

In Apr, Amazon just released timer api, which is same as alexa’s default timer feature.

voiceflow does not support this currently, but I think they might support in future.

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Any updates on this? Ability to access this timer or just some custom Javascript that would do the trick?

The timer function is kinda important, especially since I can’t audio files I’m uploading to work when I upload to Alexa, after a certain size, despite all my compression abilities.

I feel like timers are pretty crucial to a lot of what alexa does…

We do not fully support Alexa Timer API yet but you can still use it in your project by tweaking the .vf file.