Bug When Copying Flows(?)

Hey, I wonder if this bug is affecting anyone else. I use flows to stay organized, but when I copy/paste them, things start to get a little strange.

I’ll copy a flow, then edit the copied flow , only to go back to the original and find that the flow has the same information as the flow I just edited. It’s almost like it ctrl+D duplicated itself and erased all the instances I previously wrote in.

Is this just my headache? Or does anyone else have the same problem?

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yes, I reproduce it in this way.

  • right click on a flow in flows tab, choose “duplicate”
  • In a new flow copied, change some settings “IN” steps, ex: text in “Speak”
  • move to a original flow, those change has been applied to.


  • after duplicate, each flow has each step positions and lines. this is ok.
  • after duplicate, adding a new step in a flow, this change has not been applied to the original flow. this is ok, too.

So, problems is like steps existed in an original flow still remains as a references for originals in a new copied flow, not duplicated correctly.

@kun432 @cbas , just so I understand, you would prefer if the flows when copied did not stay up to date with the parent flow? Currently when you copy a flow they are kept in sync as they are technically the same flow.

Do I understand correct?

what does mean “parent”? As I understand, duplicating a flow means creating a different copy of the original one. you mean duplicating flows is like just creating a different flow name and blocks inside flow are same, right?

Even so, that seems inconsistent between original and copied flow.

  • blocks created before duplicating are kept syncing.
  • blocks created after duplicating are different.
  • positions of steps and lines before/after duplicating are different


do i make sense?

Yes, that’s exactly right. I didn’t realize that there was a parent relationship when copying flows and their contents. I thought it was a copy-paste akin to something like Microsoft word, where editing the contents of one file doesn’t affect the other. If it’s a feature, not a bug, then I’ll have no problem working around it.

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As I understand, parent/children is like a flow call another flow.

when you create a project, you can see a flow which is called ROOT flow.
Then you create a new flow, put flow block or set commands in ROOT flow, and set its flow to a new flow, ROOT flow is a parent and a new flow is a child flow.

About Duplicating flows for me, it’s like just copying a flow including steps inside of flow to a new one. At this momment, we have not set as parent or children. After we put flow blocks or commands in some flow, paranet/children relationship will be made.

like ROOT Flow calls a new flow as a child flow
a child flow calls a new flow as a grandchild flow

Am I wrong?

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Ah, yep it’s a feature not a bug. We view flows to be reusable components so you want to have the components be duplicated but stay up to date. We may update this in future to have either option.

Thanks for the great feedback / discussion! @cbas