Bugs in new version of Canvass

Unable to use ctrl +z to undo last dev.
Right panel
if block with 15een variable and combination of OR clause not diplayed correctly
When digit something in input boxes sometime the focus disappear. Sometime if the input boxes lost focus and i press backspace because wrong char is digit, if the focus lost the block is deleted and i musy rewrite all block because ctrl +z not working

In display block, i’ve defined 10 apl templates. When i try to enter in template listing from See all button in right panel VoiceFlow crash and i’m unable to see anything. From the chrome console i see an error from VoiceFlow, “u is not defined”

I must modify an apl before submitting in cert my skill and i’m blocked… please help me otherwise throw away 2 weeks of development

I’m on chrome - win 10

Hi Marco1886. Are these still open issues? If so, I’d suggest reporting these via Intercom, along with the name of your project. This will make easier for the VF staff to take a direct look at the project and diagnose/fix the issues.