Built-in Intent in Audio Stream block

As mentioned in stream block that skill ends when entered into stream block and only certain utterances such as Next, Previous and Pause works.

When publishing the skill amazon gave failed the certification with the following reasoning.

"An unexpected response occurred when invoking the one or more of the intent(s). When audio playback is played, the skill must support and gracefully handle requests to the Amazon built-in intents.

Issue: [AMAZON.CancelIntent] Intent

Steps To Reproduce:

User: “Alexa,start sleep music”
Skill: “Welcome to Sleep music by Urban Yogi!Let’s dive deep into magical world of Sleep!To change the track anytime, Say “Next”
( Audio starts playing)
User: “cancel”
Skill: “This skill will now end”
( Audio starts Playing ).”

Fortunately, it is working fine on “Stop” utterance but not on cancel.
What can be done about this?

Cancel Intent in audio playback exits the skill permanently with stream being played.

This does not happen in the case of Stop/Pause/Resume.

The skill can not be certified without having sorted this.

Hello, we are aware of this and we are working on a fix. Thanks Rishabh!