Buttons disappeared from conversations in paths

Hey folks, all of a sudden buttons disappeared from my Voice designs. They worked just fine. My choice/path blocks no longer show buttons associated with the choice. This is true for my old designs and new ones.
So any new path that I create, I don’t see any buttons. This has messed up my entire system.
I am seeing this problem in the default templates as well such as the linktree example

This could be a UX bug (not you), especially if you’re seeing it in templates too. Submit a bug report via intercom, e.g. steps, screenshots, and see if VF can resolve it.


I am having the same problem and it is KILLING ME. All of my prompts refer to the buttons below, so that I don’t have to keep saying “do you want to do x or y?” PLEASE fix this. I can’t post my portfolio without this!

Fred, I found the solve! So go to the Choice block and select the Add buttons Option. I added the screen shots. You can then associate the user response with these buttons.

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GENIUS! Thank you thank you thank you!


Muneerm, I still do not get the option to add a button. It only allows me to select “Add No Reply Response”. Is this an Alexa Voice Assistant project?