Call Routines from Google Sheet

Hi all!
Is there a way to search a specific routine using its name, and starting It by voiceflow?

For example, I would to use a Google Sheet with 2 columns.
In the First one there are ingredients, in the second one there are routines name that turn on lights.
I would to tell Alexa an ingredient so It can execute the right routine to turn on a LED strip.
So, if I said “Sugar” Alexa Will search where Sugar is in Sheet then will find the right routine and turn on the right light.

Is It possible? Is there a better way?

Thanks a lot!


  • routines cannot be triggerred from inside of your skill.
  • routines can trigger your skill, but cannot use skill’s response as other actions’ parameters.

If your LED strip suports API, you can invoke it from inside of your skill.

Thank you very much @kun432
Do you know where I can found API to control devices?
I have a Lepro LampUX LED strips, but I don’t know if there are API somewhere nor where I can eventually find them

I took a quick look at Lepro’s websit but couldn’t find. you should ask Lepro if they provides API for developers or not.

ok. thank you very much.
So the only thing to do if I would to control a device with voiceflow is to use device’s API, isn’t it?

I’m not sure if this is the only way but If you want control LED strip based on your skill’s result, I guess so.

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Thank you very much @kun432