Calling second skill thru the first one

Have two skills:
Skill 1.Countries and Capitals
Skill 2.Mountains

My Skill 1 is almost-complete. I don’t want to touch that project anymore.(skill 1).
Therefore, I want to do a new VF-Project (skill 2) , and have the Skill 1-VF project, call the Skill 2 - VF Project.

What is the way I can do this.
Option 1 - can it be called thru VF
Option 2 - can it be called thru the uploaded skill

I saw a post last week, where the moderator said “skill connecting is not that simple” and needs “Intercom assistance”. I will be adding more skills, as per the screenshot enclosed.


First, you can’t call other skills from a skill. a vf project per a skill.

I’m not sure about your use-case, but in that case,

  • your questions and answers, we say data, should be outside from skill such as google spread sheets or airtable.
  • basic logics for each category are same, I think. Then you should change only data based on categories.