Can I convert the data between voiceflow and dialogflow?


I am developing a product with dialogflow python client.
I don’t use actions on google nor google assistant.

I have 2 questions.

  1. I want to convert a dialog data to dialogflow from voiceflow.
    Is it possible? (I mean, I know the “Default welcome intent” intent in dialogflow calls voiceflow webhook. Not like that, I want to modify and save as a dialogflow file that is converted from voiceflow.)

  2. Can I use other cloud service like firebase? (I think defalt is voiceflow original server to upload dialog data. Can I use firebase instead?)

Thank you very much.

  1. you mean dialog data is whole sentences during conversation between users and Google home device? If so, I don’t think it is possible because dialogflow gets user’s whole utterances and works as filters to pick which intent users use and entities in the intent, and just pass only those to voiceflow, not whole conversation data. If it is enough for you, using voiceflow, you can save those in Google sheets or use some API’s to send those via Integration block.

  2. If you use Firebase as a storage such as realtime database, you can use firebase’s API to send and save data via Voiceflow’s Integration block. here’s a tutorial for it.

I’m not sure about your use-cases. this might not be the answer you expected…


Thank you for your reply.

Now, I am developing conversation flow with dialogflow with some team members.
dialogflow automatically use firebase functions.
So, I want to use dialogflow as a development service continuously, and I want to use only firebase functions as backend services.
I am looking for a tools or services with which I can draw conversation flow to make developing with dialogflow easier.

  1. I wanted to use voiceflow only at development environment. Then I export whole data from voiceflow, import that data to dialogflow. I wanted to use only dialogflow at production environmnet.
    I think it is not possible.

  2. What I wanted to know was that “Can I NOT to use voiceflow as a production environment?”.
    To do so, my idea was to use firebase functions. Now, I think it is not possible though… My question was not clear, I am sorry.

Thank you very much anyway!

thanks for additional infos! actually I was guessing so :smile:

As you said, voiceflow itself works as the backend function, you cannot replace it with cloud functions and convert or export functions as code, currently.

but I’ve heard that they are planning export feature for professional-use. I’m not sure when and what it will be, and for google, it will take more time than Alexa.

Hello again! Thank you for your reply and information.
I remember some of your qiita articles!!
That is very hard work, and very useful for me.
“# Voiceflow 夏休みAdvent Calendar”
I respect you. Thank you very much!

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