Can we reset built-in variable "sessions"?

Is there a way to reset built-in variable “sessions”? For example, have it start back at 0, or whatever number you want.

how about using Set Block and set {sessions} to 0?

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Thanks for weighing in, but that didn’t work for me.

What does work is, as I found in a “Fix it hour with Nico” video (How to Increase Retention on Your Alexa Skill | Fix it Hour with Nico - YouTube) is doing this:

1/ Go here:

Alexa Developer Console > [Your Skill] > Test > Skill testing is enabled in

2/ Toggle “development” to “off” then back to “development”

Note/warning: this will reset all variables.

when you enable a skill, user id will be randonely generated and assigned by Amazon. persistent values such as {sessions}, which is persistent between sessions, are linked with that user id. so changing testing stage like you did is same as that user disable and re-enable the skill. After re-re-enable, new user id will be generated and assigned. so, it’s almost like new different user use skill. That’s why whole data is reset.

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In my small test, it does not work as you said. this might be a bug.

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ok. this has been changed since VFV2. Now, we cannot modify built-in variable “{sessions}”. Instead of that, we need to create a variable to hold the number of sessions by ourselves, then we can reset it anytime.