Cannot connect Google Drive / Sheets

Hi, I am trying to add a Google Sheets Integration to my project. I am following the official Tutorial, but once I insert my Google password, I don’t receive any further prompt (e.g. warning about what data is going to be shared, or any reference to Google Drive). Instead everything seems to be fine, i.e. my email address appears in the Integrations “User” field, except that I cannot see any file in my Drive account. When I check in the Google account for third party connected applications, Voiceflow is there, but only in the “Signing in with Google” section, not in the “Third-party apps with account access” section.
Thanks for any solution to this problem.

If you don’t see “Voiceflow flow creator tool” in third party connected applications, I guess it has not been connected yet. you can try these.

  • delete “Voiceflow flow creator tool” in “Signing in with Google” section.
  • delete your account in Integration block (click right x icon on your mail address). It might say errors, that’s ok.
  • Try hard refresh (Ctrl + Shift + R for windows, Cmd + Shift + R for Mac).
  • Add user on integration block again.

I’m not sure if this works 100%. I intentionally reproduced but seems there might not be
a fixed way to solve depending on each situation…

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Thanks kun432, I think the hard refresh was the winner :slight_smile: