Cannot create new data in Google Sheets

Hi there,

I am using a Intentblock with two slots in the utterance. then i try to write those slots into a google sheet. the google sheets block uses the success path afterwards but there is no new data in the sheet. Does anyone has seen a similar problem?

Thanks a lot!

so you get 2 slot values successfully but cannot add a row for those in google sheets, right?

I have never seen that but make sure if column header on google sheets and “with values” setting in google sheets block are set correctly.

yes, that is correct.

checked both. Here are the settings “with values”:

and when I test the integration, everything works fine…
Do you have any other suggestions?

looks no problem. I just did a quick test with a tiny sample, and it works.

I’m not sure what happens but click here and the correct sheet will be shown up?

I created a new project and now everything is working.