Can't connect with google spreadsheets

i am trying to connect with google spreadsheets for Integrations but connection problem occured and display the error message like “Pop-up closed before authentication was completed” so how can i solve this problem

Is it because you enable popup-block?

no not enable popup-block but now i enable popup-block still problem are not solved.
new message are display like " Seems like you may not have third-party cookies enabled." and first error message are also displaythen how can solve this problem?

I check my Chrome settings, can you disable pop-up block and third-party cookies block on your Chrome settings?

yes, both i do disable.

still not resolved? then logout and login. and try again.

i am sorry but still not resolved after i trying logout and login

please resloved this problem because i want to add data into spredsheet.

for my end, no problems. seems happens in your environment. you should ask via intercom.

I’m getting this same error.
Really need this to work.

Is it something to do with using Google login to access VoiceFlow and now there is a permission problem accessing the google sheets.

This error is so complicated and situations varies.

You may want to try this:

I was running into the same issues with gsheets. Gave up and switched to airtable which seems to be better in just about every way. No errors. The connection is a little bit more complex to setup but the documentation is very clear