Capture doesn't recognize numbers oder dates in German - despite of category chosen

When i use a capture-block to read a number or a date into a variable I assigned to “number” or “date” I always find the TEXT in the variable!

Language in use is GERMAN - so when the user says “zwei” it doesn’t turn to “2” as variable-content or in a date-capture it’s “Dritter Januar Zweitausendeinundzwanzig” instead of “3.1.2021” - that means I can’t neither use IF nor calculations with that variables, because all the logic sees is TEXT instead of number or dates…

btw: I do coding since 35 years - so consider some basic knowledge about variables…

Is that a problem only in german? Any Idea how to solve that?!

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have never tried with German, but for Japanese, it works.

If you have tested on Voiceflow’s test (prototype tab), I recommend you should always test on Alexa Developer Console. Voiceflow’s test is simple and easy but it’s not Alexa, I mean some features such as NLU and STT don’t works same as Alexa does.

Thanks for the input - but testing in Amazon is even more frustrating!
(see other question)
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I have the same issue. Any resolutions found so far?