Capture giving empty prompt

I am not able to correctly use voiceflow POST API to add items through voiceover or chat directly into Airtable. I tired using POST API templates shared by Voiceflow but the voice flow gets stuck in Capture stage giving empty prompt message.

You can refer to your own template of POST API. I tried replicating that but the template also had the same issue.

Please help as I want to build big project on voiceflow and I am not even able to start because of the issue.

Are you able to show how you have both step(s) set up?

Please check the below Capture screen Shot:

POST API config:

The same issue I faced in the Template. The link is given below:

I have shared the screenshots above for your reference.

Awaiting for response.

Did you ever get this resolved? I am facing similar issues right now.

Hi @Paul and @Dipika

Here is an updated document on using the POST request for AirTable

Let us know if this helps fix your issue!

  • Catherine
    Voiceflow Customer Success

Hi Catherine,

After trying the method suggested by you. While adding the record it is giving the message of Response Timeout. Please check the screenshot.

Hi Paul,

No, I didn’t get the response on time so I put the project on hold and was trying to find other alternatives.

Hi Dipika and Paul,

I apologize for my late reply - it’s a busy time of the year.

Can you please send your project file to - we can look into this issue further from there.

Kind regards,