Capture, match, and Speak from Google Sheet Rows

Trying to understand how use Voiceflow as a reference tool.

Let’s imagine I have a Google Sheet with two populated columns (hundreds of rows).

I want to ask the user to make a color choice (one of over 100 different colors) from Column A.

Let’s say the user responds “Red” (which happens to be Column A, Row 2).

I want to respond by speaking a list of items that are red - e.g., apple, stop sign, tomato - pulling information from column B, Row 2)

I could figure that out easily for a small number of items using choice and speak blocks.

My issue is that I have a long list of color choices, and sometimes a long list of items I want to speak in response.

Thanks in advance. I’ve worked my through many tutorials and haven’t found one that matches this requirement yet.

Nine views, no suggestions. Beginning to think Voiceflow was not designed for this type of interaction?

A better place to ask might be the Voiceflow Facebook group. Sorry, I don’t deal with Google Sheets (yet.)

Thanks Kim! I tried there too over the weekend. This must not be a common requirement.

This is very much possible. Go through this three part tutorial and you should have enough to do what you need to do.

Thank you so very much! I’m going to get to work on it now.