Caputre block error after upload to Alexa

I can’t do two blocks of questions using the same answer (Intent)!
In Voiceflow it works but it doesn’t work when I upload to Alexa.
for example, first question: main character from the Frozen movie. answer: Elsa. Second question: who is Ana’s sister: Elsa.

I know that Capture Block does not return any values if it does not match with slot type, but I can’t registre two the same.

when I do the first block Capture I wrote in the options (Elsa…), but when I do in the second capture block (for another question) (Elsa), it doesn’t work in Alexa’s Test.

It’s seems that I have to create one unique Intent for skill?

@jovimendes want to share a screenshot of the block(s) in question?

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Thanks a lot for the help.
I didn’t want to put options in the capture block and work only in the IF block, if ‘variable’ contains “elza” = its ok.
In the Voiceflow test its works. but when uploading to Alexa the capture block needs to be filled.

Jovi! You may want to try out the new Capture Step we just released.

More information here.

Let me know if you run into more issues.