Cert error: All rich GUI content you choose to display to Alexa users

Congrats on the new forum! Very cool. I was hoping you guys would setup something like this :slightly_smiling_face:

So I just asked this on FB too:

I tried publishing a simple skill, the certification failed and I got this back from Amazon: “All rich GUI content you choose to display to Alexa users must be relevant to the TTS and audio content being delivered at the same time.”

I’m not using any GUI content. Any ideas?

Also, and this was after I got the cert fail. I added another start block to the main flow on accident and I can’t seem to delete it. Any ideas there as well?


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Thanks Dave! And welcome to the community :slight_smile:

Thanks, Braden. Glad to be here. I definitely prefer this format to FB.

Any ideas on why the cert might be failing? Also, anyway to remove an accidentally added start block?


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@Dave can you share your skill preview link, normally you can’t add or delete start block?

Sure: https://creator.getvoiceflow.com/preview/e9abjR4aGx/6ebf77b1ded2cd1f94177df88289f1ec

I accidentaly copied the start blcok. This was after the vert failed though

Ok @Dave can you post a request on Intercom (in voiceflow, the blue and white button at the bottom of your screen) to ask the team to remove this block? Sorry I can’t help more on this, I will tell the team about the copy bug on the start block anyway.

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@Nicolas yes, will do. Thanks

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@Dave The team is aware of this! Thank you for bringing this up!

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It seems I had the APL interface turned on in the developer console. So, that was the issue. My bad.

ok that was for the GUI error, thank you for sharing this.