Certification issue

Hi there,
I first published my skill via the upload button, and then filling the Distribution and submitting for certification on Amazon console. Then I realised that I don’t have Eng UK language included, so I removed live skill and added language in Voiceflow and submitted to certification via Voiceflow. Now certification has failed (I changed nothing in the skill). I can’t understand the feedback ((( Can anybody please help and explain to me how I can update my skill?

After Alexa says “chop ginger…”, it seems she is waiting for user’s input but she has not say something about what users should say.

How do you expect after the last Alexa’s utterance?

Hi, I was just using Google best practice. Google assistant once give you instruction - e.g. say next or repeat. so user say next, and I expect after this phrase user says next again. Do you think, I should add more explanaiton in the beggining (I will be sharing steps one by one. After each step say next or repeat until you are done). ?

I don’t think repeating instruction make sense. I added repromt, if user keeps quiet Alexa says. Please say next or repeat.

I am not sure if google’s best practice is same as Amazon’s or not. you can contact them from the top right on ADC.

reprompt is nice, btw.

@olgatsyba I have been also having the same problem. After submitting my skill to Amazon, it was rejected multiple times. Could there be an issue with voice flow?

It was just weird. When I I just uploaded project but submitted via Amazon console, it passed certification.
Then when I resubmitted via VF it was rejected. I corrected based on feedback (though I didn’t agree with feedback) and resubmitted, but now they refused based on the error they get, which I can’t reproduce. Now I wait for their reply cause another support person also can’t find an error. I suggest you contact Amazon team as iut seems they might be wrong.

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