Certification says I don't qualify for ISP

I’m getting the following response when I submit my skill to Amazon.
“Your skill content does not qualify for the Amazon In-Skill purchasing service”

I wasn’t able to find anything in Alexa forums online. Does anyone know why I might be getting this response?

what kind of products did you try to selll? (I don’t mean types such as onetime, subscription or consumarable,but what users can do by buying your producs)

Subscription to meditation sounds…

hmm… That’s must be ok…
I’m not sure but you should ask Amazon.
Click dotted line at top right corner on Alexa Developer Console, then click “Contact us”.

Also, you should check this, too.

Thanks for the update! I’ve developed the same skill with ISP (ambient/mediation sounds) and I keep getting a response that mine doesn’t qualify for ISP, even after creating a ticket, super frustrating. I’m going to try and get another opinion since your were able to get a positive response.