Change "Hey Google" to something custom like "Hi computer"

Hi Voiceflowers,

I’m new to Voiceflow.

When using voice, is it possible to change “Hey Google” to something custom like “Hi computer” to initiate the conversation and follow up paths?

I know you can create Inocation phrases, but it doesn’t really make sense to have something like, “Hey Google [microphone is activated] Hi computer”.

Happy for suggestions too, not sure if Google Assistant is right here.


Sounds like you may want to try the native Voice Assistant project. For Google/Alexa these are pretty standard and not able to be changed. Users can change on an account-level to ‘Hey Echo’ but this won’t affect your creating experience and what you’re expecting.

Thanks @tahsim, really appreciate your reply.

Okay so I cannot use the Google/Alexa project.

Could you please clarify how to build out my own nativate Voice Assistant?

My use case is to not touch any buttons that would activate the microhpone, so it would need to be activated by “Hi computer”.


You can change amazon alexa wake word to computer, check this out

Thanks @John93, is it possible to set my own ‘wake word’ for the custom voice assistant on Voiceflow?

speaking about alexa/google, wake word is for activating microphone of smart speakers and its feature is built-in inside of smart speakers, which is not controlled by Voiceflow, IMO. after microphone is activated, we trigger apps by saying invocation with app name, which Voiceflow can set via Amazon/Google API. this combination of wake word and invocation is defined by alexa/google platform.

for custom assistant with your own wake word, that means you will built your own custom smart speakers and implement wake word feature inside, I guess. is this what you expect?


see also

Thanks @kun432. It’s definitely more complicated than I anticipated, and makes sense why I couldn’t find the answer with Voiceflow.

My use case is to have multiple instances of this voicebot for a client, so it’s not a viable solution.

Thanks though! I learnt something :slight_smile: .