Choice-Block doesn’t work

Hi, I’ve a problem with the choice block. After that i’ve add path for 3 option i link different speak block for different choice. Don’t works. Sorry for my english… italian language

hi, can you put any screen shot of choice block here?

can I see the inside of one of your choices?

looks it’s new choice block and it’s completely different from old one.

I have the same issue. Simple example:

When I type (in the Pototype mode) the answer “dark”, the session ends without any action.
When I test it at Amazon Developer console or at the Echo device, even if I answer “dark” it triggers the “bright” path.

I feel I’m missing something obvious. Isn’t it how you make a Select A or B questions?

you missed here.


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Thanks for spotting that - I think it was part of the issue.
After some tests, my theory is, Choice block doesn’t work if Paths doesn’t have any Utterances specified.