Choice-Block doesn't work correct

If I use a choice-block with two options, everything works correctly in the simulator. When I upload the skill and call it with my echo, Alexa always continues with option 1. Option two and also “else” are not called, no matter what I say. Does anyone have any idea what might be the cause of this problem?

(If I use a choice block with only one option, the same problem occurs. The option “else” won’t be called then.)


I had forgotten to write that I used the German language. Is that perhaps the cause of the problem? Thank you very much for any help.

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Some news?
I’ve the same problem… the Choice block works well in a test inside getvoiceflow. On amazon test, the block don’t works, and the skill is block on the last choice.
The words on error are all synonyms.
Language: Italian

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We are actually working on the synonyms error with Google Action. Meanwhile, can you try the Interaction block instead of the Choice block?

same problem with Italian language. How does Interaction block work?

Hello Pormy, we’re having an issue with the else not trigger for some languages. We ere working on a fix for this. Thanks for the feedback.

how is this going?

imo, interaction block is great, but have to understand the concept of intent, utterance, and slot. choice block is very simple and easy, especially for beginners to learn😀

same problem with italian language. Choice block don’t works. Thanks in advance

@elevation1 this topic might be obsolete because chioice block has been re-newed completely by the latest updates. maybe you should open new topic.